Jennifer Keller ~ Sparkle Sisters
Jen's Home Show Verbiage

Ok ladies, we're going to get started. Everyone have their purses? I know I got to meet everyone but again my name is Jennifer and I'm a distributor with Premier Designs. How many of you have been to a Premier jewelry show before? (Give them Diva Dollars). Wow! A bunch of newbies! I'm so excited. I'm actually not surprised that most of you have not heard of Premier. Premier has been around for 26 years, they're based in Dallas, TX and when I started selling Premier over 10 years ago there wasn't anyone in Southern California selling Premier. And even now, I've done over 800 shows and most of the time no one still has has heard of us. You are going to have fun!

I want to start tonight by thanking our hostess Heather for having the show. Heather is of course modeling some jewelry tonight so let me tell you what she's wearing. (Describe hostess' jewelry). Now ladies, tonight I have two goals for you: the first is that you have fun and the second is that you learn something about accessorizing that you didn't know before you came. One of the ways we're going to have fun is with these Diva Dollars. Let me tell you what these are for. I have here a mystery prize and the woman at the end of the night with the most Diva Dollars win it! So let me tell you how you get some: you got some for wearing your jewelry, being nice to Heather is good, being nice to me is good! Oohing, aahing and participation will also get you some Diva Dollars. And then there's your purses. Let me tell you what those are for. I have some things I want to share and I'm going to call out some letters. When I do, you want to be one of the first ones to dig in your purse and find something that starts with that letter. Make sense? And there's only two rules: first, I have to see it and second, there can't be any duplicates. But you can keep going for a little bit. OK, ready?

The first letter is M! (Give Diva Dollars for M things). M stands for MONEY. And while I'm sure that none of you came here tonight looking for a new job I have to tell you I have never seen as much interest in earning extra money as I have right now. So I want to give you a quick picture of what it's like to be a jewelry lady. But I need two volunteers and I'll pay you in Diva Dollars for your time. (Get two volunteers)


OK ladies, that is a quick illustration to show you really can make $600 a week or $600 a month selling Premier. We have no quotas. So I encourage you to watch me tonight. If at the end you don't find yourself curious you might think of someone who would be great at this. Alright, the next letter is C (Give Diva Dollars for C things)

C stands for Customer Folder. You should all have a folder in front of you with a pink registration card. If you could fill out the front side of that completely, that's very helpful if you ever need to replace a piece of jewelry. But the most important part of the folder is the yellow sticky on the front. That is your scratch pad for tonight. So if you see something you want to look at again or maybe a gift for someone, you can jot it down on there. And one more thing: if you fill out the pink card completely, I will buy it from you at the end with Diva Dollars!

Alright, one more letter and I'll let you relax. How about G? (Give Diva Dollars for G things). G stands for a good deal and some great bling! My special for tonight is ______________________. And now how about some great bling? This is my friend Mandy. Mandy comes with me to all my shows to show off my jewelry..

SHOW JEWELRY (mention Golden Guarantee sometime during this)

(Last thing I do is to take off the jewelry I'm wearing). Now ladies I just want you to look at me for a minute. I've talking for about 20-25 minutes with all my jewelry on and I want you to see what a difference it makes when you put an outfit together and you don't finish it. I tell ladies all the time - I did not wear jewelry before I started selling it - didn't even occur to me - and now I do feel a little bit naked! So I want to encourage you if you're like that, to really think about adding some accessories.

There are just two more letters and then we'll see who wins! The next letter is H! (Give Diva Dollars for H things). H stands for our hostess plan. If you are like most of my guests you've probably seen a lot of jewelry that you like and the best way to get it is FREE! So I want to give you a quick illustration of how much free jewelry you get with Premier. Again I'm going to need two volunteers but you'll get paid in Diva Dollars for helping me out!


So that is just a quick illustration to show how much free jewelry you get with Premier and how little you have to pay. So if you think you'd like to get some girlfriends together I want to let you know that I just have about two dates left for _________________.

Alright, the last letter is O! And I know O is hard so I'll just take the first O I can get. (Give Diva Dollars for O things). O stands for Options and Opportunities. As far as options, really most of the shows I do are just like this in someone's home but I also do daytime shows, office parties, fundraisers... So if that's a better option for you, let me know. As far as opportunities, hopefully you've seen tonight that my job really isn't that hard! As I mentioned, I've been selling Premier for over 10 years. I used to be a CPA but I really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I love that this job has been able to pay my bills as well as give me the flexibility to work around my family's schedule too. So I'm always looking for women who either love jewelry, want to get out and have some fun, or want to earn some extra income. So this is your last chance to earn some Diva Dollars. Any questions you want to ask me about Premier I'll give you two Diva Dollars. And you can ask me about hours, training and how much money we make. And then we'll see who wins. Who has the first question?


(When no more questions). OK Ladies, add up your diva dollars. If you haven't had a chance yet to finish filling out the pink card, do it real quick. I'll wait for you and then I'll buy them from you for two Diva Dollars. (Collect cards/pay Diva Dollars. Award prize to the one with the most.

Alright ladies, that's pretty much it for me. A couple of last minute things: First on your folder is an order form. If you should decide you'd like to make a purchase, you can fill out the top part and I can help you with the tax and shipping. The jewelry will arrive to Heather in about 7-10 days. I prefer checks but I will take credit cards. Also if you turn your folders over, on the back is a sticker that I call my First 10 Home Shows. This just shows you what you can do in this business before you know what you're doing because these were my first 10 shows. A lot of you asked some great questions. If you are at all curious about Premier - either for you or for someone you know, please just check it off on your order form and I'll send you home with something to read in your jammies. You can let me know what you think later.

Well, thank you again so much for coming tonight. Heather, thank you for being my fabulous hostess. I'm going to leave these trays here and there is a lot more jewelry on the table. Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I'll take back your Diva Dollars!